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  • Rickford University is a leading online platform for education, offering accredited degree programs in almost all fields of study, from sciences, medicine and engineering, to art, business, and law. We cater to students of bachelors, masters, or doctorate level, as well as working professionals eager to pursue further education in an accredited online university. We have enroled thousands of students from all corners of the world, and strive to ensure the highest standards of quality in terms of education and our student services.

  • Governance Rickford Governance

    The administration framework at Rickford University trusts that the autonomy of any private college offers route to the advancement of a specific administration style where essentials of majority rule model of legislative issuess.

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  • AlumniRickford Mission

    Rickford University aims to make a comprehensive group by making its academic programs, educational services and job openings accessible to every single qualified individual and energizes resistance, mutual respect and acknowledgment of differences throughout the institution.

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Rickford by the numbers

  • 89% of class of 2012

    successful alumni working at top positions for multinationals worldwide

  • 92% of employed 2012

    of our students our employed with in six months after graduation

  • 3.42 students

    end up securing top position in multinational companies

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  • Student Consultancy

    Our dedicated and experienced career consultants can guide students and help them get the job of their dreams, regardless of their field or background. We offer valuable insights from the job market, helping our students and professionals with decisions such as switching a job, applying for a job, or preparing for an interview.

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  • Online Learning Experience

    We deliver a competitive curriculum which is constantly refined and updated by the world's top experts and scholars. This online material can be accessed in a number of ways by our students at any time, and from any part of the world. We deliver our educational services and onlne training through multimedia streaming, live sessions, chat rooms, bulletin boards and virtual classrooms, among others.

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Career counseling

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Stories of success

Sharon Montes

Associate Degree in Business & Management, 2014

Sharon Montes held the goal of earning her college degree for a long time. The only hurdle in her life which kept her from attaining her goal was her husband’s job, which required frequent commute to different states every two years. “We always had to move to another state which made it impossible for me to focus on my education and complete my degree. I knew I could do it, but the only problem was that I was never given an opportunity to prove it. I thought of going through online courses available.”

In 2014, Sharon found Rickford University. “I was actually pretty excited when I browsed the website. I decided to enroll in the Associate Degree program from the Rickford School of Business & Management.

I never knew I could be able to achieve my goal that easily and quick.”

Last year fall, Sharon completed her associate’s degree with majors in Business and Management. She could never express what she felt when she finally had her degree in her hands. She was overwhelmed with emotions and she knew with that degree in Business and Management she can support her husband and family. Sharon is now willing to enroll in the Bachelor’s Degree program next year from Rickford University.