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About Us

At Rickford, we trust everybody is qualified for
advanced education. We immovably trust the
way to your degree ought to be reasonable,
adaptable and open.

Accreditation & Recognition

Rickford University is internationally accredited by several accreditation bodies and isrecognized by the ministries of education globally.

International accreditation is considered to be the most respected form of accreditation presented to an educational institute.

International Accreditation


    The Global Information Technology Accreditation Commission (GITAC) has been a voice of the global computing industry and IT professionals for years. The organization has been working for hundreds of thousands of IT professionals.


    Gulf Accreditation Council for Schools & Programs GACSP accredits schools and programs to enhance the quality of education at a higher level, pursuing academic development across Gulf regions.


    Higher Education Accreditation Commission of America (HEACA) is a free, not-for-profit, accreditation body for educational institutions, which accredits educational institutions from all fields of study. As the most established national accreditation body with more than 2500 institutions presently.


    International Commission for Accreditation of Higher Education (ICAHE) is an internationalaccreditation entity for educational institutions, created for accrediting educational institutions from all fields of study, globally. ICAHE takes pride in acknowledging the fact that it has more than 1400 accreditied institutes registered.