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At Rickford, we trust everybody is qualified for
advanced education. We immovably trust the
way to your degree ought to be reasonable,
adaptable and open.


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Rickford University is all about changing the ways of learning. This path of change requires hard work, bold and active thinkers. Learn more about the career opportunities here at Rickford University University and be a part of the change.


Go along with us and have an effect on the lives of the students. Avail the chance to use your educational experience to persuade students to accomplish their academic and professional objectives. Rickford University has a strong reputation, being an innovator in online education and working towards students’ prosperity. Rickford University utilizes full-time and low maintenance staff, living the whole way across the globe, conveying their remarkable and differing mastery to their separate understudies.

The faculty at Rickford University isn’t teaching all the degree programs but they have developed course outlines to mentor their students.

information technology

Work in a quick paced, vivacious environment that permit you to learn and utilize cutting edge learning technology, while having direct contact with the University's learners in an innovative online learning environment. We make significant investments in the technological tools to top the technological curve. HTML5 and Java are incorporated with the best technological components. Rickford University employs the best plan with a developmental group that focuses on to design responsive websites and mobile applications that suit best our faculty and students. We also own a refined business analytic platform to fulfill the requirement of our students, faculty and partners.


The academic leadership at Rickford University isn’t only about bringing together academic, business and professional experts but also to drive its innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set. With their expertise in joining the academic and leadership skills with the experience, they can grow new techniques and projects, which have helped in assembling educational advancement, overseeing school functionalities, manage workforce and shape the way of life at Rickford University.


Convey your ideas to Rickford University and work in a cooperative and engaging organization that is changing the world of education. More than 70% of our employees work with Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral learners. We also offer transportation discount and tuition-free education for our full time employees along with the competitive benefits and compensation packages.

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