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About Us

At Rickford, we trust everybody is qualified for
advanced education. We immovably trust the
way to your degree ought to be reasonable,
adaptable and open.

Meet Our Faculty

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Rickford'S Pride

Here, the faculty is committed towards competency-based approach to emphasize on learners success.

Rickford University has over 2000 full- time faculty members and more than 600 part-time faculty members that are serving their respective faculty roles. All mentors have earned a graduate degree.

The atmosphere at Rickford University is pretty flexible due to the personalized learning environment. There is no fixed schedule of online classes. Each and every student goes through a personalized learning experience.

Faculty Members

Course Mentors

The course mentors here are experts in their fields. They own the required experience and training for the courses they support. They can deliver each issue identifying with the course, learning plan of action or an evaluation.

How do course mentors help the students?
Here’s how:

  • Assist students on one-to-one or one-to-many forums.

  • Assist the struggling students with their course material.

  • Give assistance to students and learning groups by following guidelines.

Program Faculty

The faculty consists of educational experts who are dedicating their energies as program council members, program managers and assessment and curriculum developers.

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    Program Council Members include academic experts to see if the curriculum is designed as per today’s academic world.

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    Program Managers ensure the quality of designed program and their relevance as per university’s degree programs.

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    Assessment Developers develop the domain competencies and objectives of degree programs for continuous improvement.