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About Us

At Rickford, we trust everybody is qualified for
advanced education. We immovably trust the
way to your degree ought to be reasonable,
adaptable and open.

The Story Of Rickford

Mission Vision

The Foundation

The thought for Rickford University was conceived in 1971 when a meeting was held between the industry leaders and leading educators. During the meeting, the President Mr. Charles Bachmen had the anticipation to understand that distant learning technologies can take over the squeezing issues of the time, like, absence of academic opportunities that are confronted by restricted public funds for academic services.

All the individuals present at the meeting came up with the idea of having their own university. They approved the thought of a new university would help them make maximum use of distant learning technologies, along with the collaboration among the industry pioneers, renowned instructors and educators.

Design Conceptulization

Over View

To make this happen, the members counted on the best minds in the Education sector and Center for Higher Education Management Systems (CHEMS) to help them design the concept of new university. The main focus revolved around the following five elements:

  • Awareness about educational and employment needs
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Development of a technological infrastructure
  • Attention towards competency-based education
  • Increased access

Mission Of Rickford

The core purpose of Rickford University is to enhance quality education and grow the access to post-secondary educational opportunities. Moreover, the university tends to provide individuals flexible means to learn at anytime, anywhere and earn competency-based degrees.


Mission of Rickford University