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At Rickford, we trust everybody is qualified for
advanced education. We immovably trust the
way to your degree ought to be reasonable,
adaptable and open.

Rickford University Governance

  • Governance
  • Governance

The administration framework at Rickford University trusts that the autonomy of any private college offers route to the advancement of a specific administration style where essentials of majority rule model of legislative issues and the various leveled business models are consolidated to create a structure that accommodates to the complexity of an educational institution.

Board of Trustees

Governance Circle

The governance at Rickford University creates a proper way, through the channel, for major decision making processes of the university. The decisions are directed to the Academic Leadership Council (ALC). Academic Leadership Council further directs the issues to Academic Leadership Committee, whose constituents are appointed by Academic Leadership Council.

The Academic Leadership Committee functions similar to, and falls under the direct control of the Board of Trustees. The member of these committees are selected on the basis of merit and overall performance while the members of Academic Leadership Council are chosen by the Board of Trustees.

Governance of the Rickford University is based on the following factors:
  • The governance model
  • Committee inclusive of all stakeholders - Employees, Administration, Members, Corporate Partners and Staff.
  • Proper structure and processes that guarantees participation, timely response, most recent and significant information.
  • Analysis and assessment of all committees to ensure quality and record keeping of all decisions.

Board of Trustees

Rickford University is governed by the Board of Trustees consisting different members from the government, industry leaders, educators, professionals and sponsors from the business world. The Board of Trustees is responsible for managing the practices aimed in the University’s mission and vision.

Other Committees

More committees are branched out of Board of Trustees. The committees are corresponding committees, which are independent of university control and leadership. The core functions of these committees are to pursue, supervise the research and development process and keep responsibility of procedures in order.

The committees are empowered by the Board of Trustees to ensure smooth decision making by the university and handling the processes in a way that the university’s interests are protected. The committees play an important role in the promotion of research by coordinating with the external bodies across the globe and forming alliances and partnerships for the welfare of Rickford University.

Other Committies at Rickford University