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Rickford University is recognized as one of the
best online universities in the world as it receives more
than 10,000 applications every year for a first-year
class of about 1200 students.

Admission & FAQ’s

Is the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) required?

All applicants must have taken the GRE within five years of applying to the PA program. We accept the prior GRE General Test as well as the revised GRE General Test. The GRE website is a great resource, including practice tests, what to expect with the revised GRE, new types of questions, test prep, etc. Rickford University’s CASPA GRE code is 0398.

Is there an interview required?

Interviews are mandatory for admissions. About 120 of the most qualified applicants are invited to the campus for an interview with the PA faculty.

How many applicants are usually interviewed?

The interview day consists of 3 individual interviews, informational sessions about the program & admissions process and lunch with current PA students.

What does the committee look for in an application file?

Candidates are evaluated on all academic work (including overall GPA and science GPA), GRE scores, recommendation letters, interview scores, patient care experience, demonstrated service and leadership ability. After the initial screening of the application you may or may not be qualified for a personal interview.

My application meets most of the requirements, but falls below in one area (GPA, science GPA, or GRE). Should I apply anyway?

Admission to Rickford University’s PA program is highly selective. All applications are reviewed, the committee typically doesn't offer an interview to candidates who’s GPA, science GPA or GRE fall below the required minimums.

Course Prerequisites

  • If I have outstanding prerequisites, when do they need to be completed?

    Candidates must have completed 5 of the 6 science prerequisite courses at the time of application. All 6 science prerequisites must be successfully completed by the time of enrollment.

  • Do you need my transcripts?

    Rickford University does not need transcripts to process your academic updates. For any courses listed as "planned" or "in progress," simply enter the final grade into your CASPA application – we do not need transcripts to process the additional coursework.

  • Is there a time limit on prerequisite coursework?

    Each prerequisite course must have been successfully completed within 10 years prior to enrollment.


My application meets most of the requirements, but falls below in one area (GPA, science GPA, or GRE). Should I apply anyway?

The ARC-PA has granted Accreditation - Provisional to the Rickford University University Physician Assistant Program. Accreditation - Provisional is an accreditation status. The status indicates that the plans and resource allocation for the proposed program appear to demonstrate the program's ability to meet the ARC-PA Standards, if fully implemented as planned. Accreditation - Provisional does not ensure any subsequent accreditation status and is limited to no more than five years for any program.