Course Mentors

Cecil C. Redden

Bachelors of Computer Science

Debra R. Key

PhD Social Sciences

Jessica L. Rosario

Masters in Natural Sciences

Dwight D. Everett

Diploma in Nursing

Susan P. Snively

Diploma in Business & Management

Karl M. Wiggins

Masters of Law & Legal Studies

Kevin P. Snyder

Masters in Criminal Justice

Erin W. Taylor

Masters in Safety & Fore Sciences

Frank A. Johnson

Bachelors of Education

Tamara P. Brown

Diploma in Psychology

Rick M. Krahn

Masters in Applied Arts

Michael F. Latshaw

Diploma in Engineering

Jo D. Schwanke

Bachelors of Performing Arts

Evelyn B. Carreras

Certificate of Social Sciences

Sandra J. Simpson

Masters in Health Sciences

Jenna T. Woods

Certificate in Political Science