Board of Turstees

The Honorable Kevin T. Stinchcomb, Chairman

Director, Policy & Public Sector, ESRI Governor of Wyoming, 1995-2003

Herbert T. Flinn

Former President & CEO, The Hispanic Scholarship Fund

William P. Gaines

President, Crane Associates

Stephen C. Stclair

Principal, E3 Engage Educate Employ

Geraldo A. Bradford

Former President, McGraw Hill Education

Jason M. Shor

Former Superintendent, Baltimore County Public Schools

David R. Huff

CEO, Strategy & Talent

Frederick M. Hayman

President, Rickford University

Richard M. Hall

Director of Firm Knowledge, McKinsey Global Knowledge

Michelle R. Gallagher

President, Simmons Media Group

Dr. Harriet R. Summerfield

President Emeritus, Washington State University

Dr. Craig B. Steinberg

Former President of California State University, Northridge