Accreditations & Memberships

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology. The organization aims to pursue projects designed to improve understanding of information technology's contribution to higher education.

European Accreditation Council for Online Learning has been working dedicatedly for the past several years, developing and maintaining superior quality of learning in the online education sector, with more emphasis on the European region. Several online universities within the Europe region and abroad hold our prestigious and recognized accreditation awards.

International Accreditation Board for Business Studies (IABBS) is a globally recognized accreditation providing body for business schools and programs. This international body keeps a check on the standards of business education provided at various business schools and universities, whether traditional, open or online.

International Higher Learning Commission is a worldwide association, actively involved in the practice of quality assurance in educational institutes and of personal or professional documents of an individual. It is designed to ensure that approved institute or individual performs duties in the acceptable manner according to the international standards.

NADLA is a pre-eminent accrediting organization for professionals and institutions that deliver distance education worldwide. Accreditation by NADLA covers all distance education activities within an institution’s scope and it provides a single source of internationally recognized accreditation to professional degree granting institutions.

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