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In pursuit of academic excellence, was founded as a student-focused online university with a visionary initiative – to spread quality education across the seven continents of the world. Today we stand out as a leading online university offering specialized courses to the international student community, catering to the distinctive needs of busy adults and facilitating them with a high quality learning that can be easily paced around their busy lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make top quality education accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere. We are dedicated to providing premium and affordable education to students with our undergraduate, graduate certificate and diploma programs, offering specialized learning in more than 71 diverse disciplines through 16 specialized schools and a committed professional faculty.

Taking the Campus Experience Online!

Higher education can open many doors of opportunities however geographical and financial constraints have limited many in continuing their education, making it increasingly difficult for them to overcome personal and professional demands. At , we are committed to providing rigorous degree, diploma and certificate programs along with a learning environment that is designed to support working adults from the day they enroll to long after they graduate.

utilizes the transformative potential of the Internet to maximize the student learning experience by offering an unparallel education system that employs a state-of-the-art Education Management System, making the process of acquiring online education accessible, convenient and extremely affordable for students and working adults across the world. The University offers a wide spectrum of program choices for aspiring learners who wish to carve a niche in respective fields, complemented by practical knowledge to hone their skills through a spectrum of certificate, diploma or degree programs.

Who are we?

We are a diverse interdisciplinary team of academic experts coming from various parts of the world. We've attended some of the world's finest educational institutions that exist on the face of the planet. Yet, wherever we went, we were frustrated at the painful digital infrastructure in use. That is why we set out to garner the wealth of e-learning opportunities to improve the quality of teaching and learning for future generations of students.

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offers a number of scholarships and grants to deserving students which are based on merit and need both.

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