Apostille & Embassy Legalization

According to a research, 67% of employers globally seek credentials verification at final stages of the recruitment process. offers its students with the facility of lifetime verification of their credentials through the following mediums.

Telephonic Verification

Through telephonic verification system an employer or institute can verify their credentials by calling us at 1-866-384-7389. Our experienced representatives are available 24/7 to assist students in their Education Verification to their prospective employer or institution/university.

Education Verification Letters

Through 's registrar, students can also get a verification letter issued, testifying to the authenticity of their documents. The verification letter will contain the link from where employer or institute can view and verify student's credentials.

Email Verification

Students can request e-mail verification, through which a secure copy of the credentials will be sent to either their employer or institute, as per request.

Fax Verification

Students can always provide us with the contact details of their employer or institution such as their fax number and we will fax the required documents.

To get free personalized consultancy services, please call our consultants at -866-384-7389.


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