Case Study

Case Study

Mark, a working adult, was keen on securing a good full-time position and wanted to progress in his career. Even though he had extensive work experience and was a valuable employee, he was certain a good degree would open greater career advancement opportunities to take on additional responsibility and move up the ladder. On a more personal level he was keen on developing his professional and communication skills to have a more fulfilling career and perform better.

However, enrolling in a traditional University was out of the question because of his full-time job and other commitments. He decided pursuing his degree online would be the best course of action. As he researched online degrees, he set about shortlisting the right online University from amongst the best online universities. He did this by asking three key questions based on his most important requirements

1. How quickly could he get his degree?
2. Was it low-cost and affordable?
3. Was the educational institution accredited and the education it provided of high quality? 

He was referred to the  University website by a friend, who had enrolled in a  University degree program earlier and recommended it to him. Mark was keen to look into  University's program. He looked into the entire program. There were no scheduled classes, no assignments and no course work. He would be required to study himself and prepare for the online course exams. Furthermore it addressed his key requirements as follows:

1. How quickly could he get his degree? 

Mark searched and found out that he could complete the course and get his degree in less than a year. Additionally, Mark found he could reduce the time required to complete his degree and his tuition by taking the test for the subjects in which he already had a strong command.

2. Was it flexible enough to accommodate with his full-time job and could it be completed quickly? 

For the depth and quality of the  education, the program was very low cost. In fact, when Mark checked his tuition fees he found out that not only was the total cost of the program very reasonable it was also easily affordable, Additionally if and when he needed it he could apply for the financial aid through the  Financial Aid Program.

3. Was the educational institution and the education it provided of high quality? 

Mark thoroughly researched  University. He studied its robust educational system and process, its very comprehensive course catalogue and strong service delivery. He looked into its accreditation and recognition, by a global accreditation body.

After looking into these questions, Mark confidently chose to enroll in the  University Program immediately. 

With his admission and enrollment confirmed and first course fees waived, Mark was a student of University. The first course from his program was activated in his student's online exam area, which he accessed through a computer and internet connection. He enjoyed the flexibility of immediately taking the exams for the courses in which he had a strong command from his previous work experience, while he appreciated the self paced nature for those more unfamiliar courses which allowed him take as much time as he needed to study and prepare for the online exams. As soon as he completed his admission formalities forms he received his student pack and was provided immediate access to his personal student area The whole procedure from admission to graduation was very simple, as he effectively planned his time management and motivated himself to complete the courses.

Soon after receiving his degree from  University, Mark acquired the position he had long deserved. Mark is now even more confident that he can face up to the challenges in his professional career, with his solid degree and growing work experience. Mark remains extremely thankful to  University for providing him the grounds to prove himself in his professional career. He recommends  University to every person who needs a University degree.

Applying for a University degree from  ranks amongst the best decisions of my life. 's fast paced degree changed the whole course of my career and was a great experience. I learned a great deal being a  student and I found its education really low cost, quick and flexible. My advice to all the people who want to excel in their career is to acquire a University degree - and for that  is the place to get it. 


DISCLAIMER. The example posted in this case study is general in nature and is depicted herein solely for purposes of increased clarity about  University and its Educational process. Individuals and organizations depicted herein are fictitious and no association with any real individuals and organizations is intended or should be inferred. The case study is not a claim or a representation and is designed solely to provide an explanation to prospective students and offer greater clarity about the typical process a  student would follow; what they should do; and what kind of procedures they can expect at University.

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