Have questions about the admission process at ? Refer to collection of useful answers to some of the most common questions below:

Admission FAQs

How do I apply?

Fill in the online application form on our website. You will be shortly contacted by a student advisor who will then guide you through each step of the admission process.

Who do I contact if I have questions about which program is right for me?

Our enrollment advisors are available around the clock to answer your every query. You can contact them via live chat or by calling our toll free number.

Where do I find the online application?

Our online application form is available on our website. You can fill it anytime of the day as per your convenience.

Can I take courses without enrolling in a degree program?

Yes, there are a limited number of courses which you can take without enrolling in a degree program. For more information, you can contact our student advisors via live chat or by calling them on our toll free number.

Careers FAQ's

Does Richford provide free career services?

Yes. Richford University features a dedicated team of career counselors who provide free career development services to all Richford graduates.

What career services does Richford offer?

Richford University's career development services include cover letter & resume writing, career counseling and job placement services

Does Richford offer job guarantee to graduates?

Richford's team of professional career counselors is committed to helping you map your career and land the right job. They'll do their best to find you a job that's a perfect match for you profile.

How does Richford education help in career growth?

All of Richford's programs are highly industry-responsive, preparing students to be job-ready after graduation. So far, about 85% of our graduates have reported remarkable career growth immediately after graduating from Richford.

How can I get career advice from Richford?

If you're an son student or alumnus, you can sign up for our monthly careers newsletter and get regular career advice. Alternatively, you can talk to one of our career counselors any time on 1-877-328-3964.

What is the best time/day to reach Richford's career services?

Our career development services are operative 24/7 including weekends and holidays. You can reach us on any day at any time and get your career-related queries answered.

Scholarships Available for Students in

offers a number of scholarships and grants to deserving students which are based on merit and need both.

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