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School of Psychology

’s School of Psychology specializes in creating and developing able professionals dedicated towards making positive contributions to the industry. Our programs have been designed keeping in perspective the needs and preferences of students aspiring to become top computer experts in their desired fields.  Students studying our Psychology programs will be able to strengthen their basics whilst simultaneously broadening their understanding of global experiences. Students will be able to attain the skills and knowledge relevant with trends and developments taking place in the industry, thereby cultivating their response level to various challenges that may arise. 

Psychology courses offered at  aim to cultivate and develop the leaders of tomorrow by inspiring them to reach their utmost potential. This is done through conscientious training that involves instilling certain skills and knowledge that will enable professionals to develop an in-depth understanding of the working methods required for leading an organization to success. 

Our faculty has been drawn from top learning centers around the globe and are in sync with the latest market trends and practices of the business industry, such as increasing profits, inspiring leadership and raising organizational values. Students will learn the essential management functions of planning, leading, organizing, and controlling, as well as various principles and theories of management. Through our flexible online business management programs, we prepare students, so that they become capable of anticipating change, harness it, and make it work for their respective organizations. 

School of Psychology is a great choice for students who want to, but are unable to, attend traditional business schools or universities. All of our degree, diploma and certificate programs are accredited and ensure global acceptance among employers.

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The School of Education at offers recognized online degree programs that surpass similar programs offered by other top institutions in terms of quality, flexibility and affordability.

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's School of Education offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Programs which are designed to help you both academically and professionally.

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Certificate Programs offered by 's School of Education enable you to achieve greater career opportunities and recognition by enhancing your professional skills.

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offers a number of scholarships and grants to deserving students which are based on merit and need both.

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