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Once a student, always a student. At , our relationship with our students spans beyond the duration of their program. Even after they graduate, our students become part of our expansive alumni network. Currently, over 10,000 working professionals constitute the network and are considered a major resource for leading corporations stationed around the world.

Many members of our alumni network are presently working at Fortune 500 companies on prestigious and leading positions, making inroads in the world of business and creating a niche for themselves in the market. Our goal is to continuously provide our alumni with efficient and state-of-the-art services that will help them achieve their academic and professional objectives. As an alumnus/alumna, you can also continue to utilize the extensive array of career services provides.

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Alumni Voices

Sarah Stone

New Zealand

Studying at has helped me achieve all my career objectives, thus enabling me to become a bona fide professional

Mahmud Al-Ahly


Study that is self-paced, convenient and affordable; in short, the perfect education package for people like me who wish to move ahead!

Lisa Wallace


No other university has the foresight of ; its student services help to polish and refine student's skills, thereby preparing them for the corporate world.

Michael Andrews


I can safely say that is the face of online education today. With self-paced programs offering majors in numerous fields of study, one is hard pressed for choice!

Rebecca Wooten


When it comes to education, one always wishes for quality that goes a little easy on the pocket. made good its promise on both fronts!

Matthew Bell


The perfect place to find the field of study which you want to major in is . The range of subjects in which they offer degree programs is astounding!

Aasfa Ibn Isa


From the EMS to the career services, is a great place for working adults seeking affordable and quality online education.

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