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Student Life

Student Life

Rickford University provides its student with 24/7
academic consultancy services along
with several other incentives.

Online Learning Experience

Rickford University aims to be different from other conventional universities in every aspect. Our top priority is to provide convenient and affordable education to hardworking adults to help you achieve your future goals.

Learning Steps

  • Classrooms

    Online classrooms has no fixed schedule, it is open 24/7 and students can interact with their instructors at any time. The user-friendly and interactive classroom help students prioritizes their academic lives with the personal lives. Advanced technology and enhanced delivery methods make it easy for the students to utilize their classrooms in an effective manner. Once your program begins you will be in a non-stop interaction with the fellow students. You can explore web field trips and navigate lessons with just a click. Regular feedback and grading would be provided by your instructors for continuous support and motivation.

  • Library

    Rickford University provides its students with a full complement of library services through its online library. The library allows students to access to over 50,000 e-books, including educational catalogs, articles from professional, scholarly, and trade journals.

  • Mobile Services

    With Rickford University mobile app, students can attend classes and get access to the archived seminars. Participate in interactive dialogues with fellow students through social networks or message boards. Mobile app also helps you to access your syllabus, course material, schedule, assignments, grades and scholarship information. You will also be able to receive notifications and alerts on your mobile app.

  • Advisors Committed Towards Your Success

    Rickford University will provide students with dedicated advisors from the beginning of their academic career. They will assist you throughout your academic journey and solve all your queries regarding fees, financial aid, etc. Moreover, they will also help you to select your courses and activate your online classes and build professional network and also help you get better job opportunities in the market.