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Why Us

Rickford University is an institution
which is one of its kind. The work force is
devoted to ensure success of every student,
regardless of their location.

Affordability At Rickford

Rickford University is committed towards providing affordable online education through its low tuition fee. Our top priority here is to help students pass out with minimum or no debt at all. The tuition charges are massively reasonable. The more courses you complete every term, your degree programs become easier and affordable.

Detailed Analysis

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    Less Debt

    Because Rickford has committed itself to make the online education affordable by keeping the tuition fee low, many of its students are able to graduate with less or no debt at all. But sometimes it’s necessary to borrow to meet your educational requirements and that’s when Rickford 's financial aid experts play their role to ease the process for you and make you finance your education smartly.

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    A Rickford degree is a symbol of superiority—it’s a proof that you have mastered the real-world competencies that employers look for in today’s market. As a result, Rickford's graduates receive jobs with handsome salary packages that are way more than what they paid for their education.


It's a usual practice at RickfordUniversity that exceptional students receive scholarships and grants so that the earning of the degree is as affordable as possible. These scholarships and grants are purely given on the basis of merit.

During the last three years, the students of Rickford have received scholarships worth $5 million using its internal as well as third-party contributions.