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Why Us

Rickford University is an institution
which is one of its kind. The work force is
devoted to ensure success of every student,
regardless of their location.

How We Compare

Rickford University is apparently different from other universities. It provides the one of the best values in online learning. Topmost priority is to offer cost-friendly and convenient education to students both working and non-working.

Rickford's Differentiation

  • Low and student-friendly cost

    Educational costs are rising every year significantly across the nation. But that's not the case at Rickford. Keeping the tuition fee low is a priority of Rickford University. Our educational fee is so low that it is typically half of what other traditional colleges and reputable online institutions charge.

  • Non-credit hour & competency based degrees

    Opposed to seat time or credit hours, Rickford's online degrees are based on real-world competencies. It’s the focus of Rickford to make sure that you possess the skills and knowledge required for you to be successful.

  • Dedicated mentor to guide students all the way

    The "Rickford style" of online education is extraordinarily flexible, as compared to other online institutions. Rickford wants to make you successful in all areas of your life, not just in school and to make sure of that, they have designed your programs personalized to fit your schedule.

  • Make schedule as per your convenience

    Rickford is a place where you never feel alone as an online student. You don’t have to figure out everything on your own at Rickford. Instead you will have a mentor by your side, working as a dedicated partner alongside you to ensure your educational success. Your mentor will play the part of an advisor, a coach and your own personal cheerleader until you graduate.